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Certifications and compliance

To us, Compliance is a central component of our corporate governance: it concerns every one of us at Baggio, every day, everywhere. Values such as reliability, transparency and integrity permeate our organization: Baggio's Code of Ethics is a not "empty words" for us, but is what provides the basis for our decisions. In the same way, our Certifications demonstrate our commitment in offering high standards of service to our customers worldwide. They stand as a guarantee of our mission to be the most reliable partner for your multimodal logistics needs.

ISO 9001

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ISO 9001 (ITA)

(pdf 678 KB)

ISO 14001

(pdf 1 MB)

ISO 14001 (ITA)

(pdf 1 MB)

ISO 45001

(pdf 1 MB)

certificazione ISO 45001 ITA

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SA 8000

(pdf 1 MB)

certificazione SA 8000 ITA

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Code of Ethics

(pdf 217 KB)

Codice Etico ITA

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Corporate Sustainability Report 2021_2022

(pdf 497 KB)

Integrated QHSE Policy

(pdf 255 KB)

Politica integrata QASE rev07

(pdf 343 KB)

IO51 Remedial actions for child Labourers

(pdf 361 KB)

IO51 azioni di rimedio Lavoratori bambini ITA

(pdf 423 KB)

IO52 Suggestions

(pdf 495 KB)

IO52 Suggerimenti

(pdf 769 KB)


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(pdf 810 KB)

Lettera attribuzione Rating

(pdf 217 KB)

Modello 231 – Baggio – PG

(pdf 749 KB)

Vademecum Fornitori Appaltatori

(pdf 552 KB)

Bilancio Sociale 2021_2022 ITA

(pdf 595 KB)

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