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Information note on Cookies

This information note details how this website uses cookies, cookie type files and technologies on its website, for example Local Shared Objects, also known as “Flash cookies”, Web beacons, etc. All these are all generally referred to as “cookies”. If you visit our website and your browser settings accept cookies, use of our cookies will be considered as accepted.

Cookies are small files sent and memorised on your computer by the websites you visit. Cookies are memorised in the file directory of your browser. The next time you visit the website your browser will read the cookie and retransmit the information to the website or entity that first created the cookie. To learn more about these technologies and how they work, visit, for example, the web site

The session cookies used in this website avoid the need to use other computer techniques potentially more prejudicial for a user’s navigation confidentiality, and do not enable acquisition of the user’s personal identification data.

Storage times for data acquired depend on the type of cookie. Session cookies expire when the browser is closed. Persistent cookies, including Local Shared Objects (“Flash cookies”), have expiry dates that typically go from two months to a couple of years.

Technical and analytic cookies (Analytics) which do not require consent

The so-called “technical” cookies, for which no processing consent is needed, are the following:

a) Cookies related to activities strictly needed for the website to function and provide the service: cookies to guarantee normal website navigation. In most cases they are session cookies.

b) Functionality cookies, for optimisation: they are cookies enabling the user to navigate on the website based on criteria selected (for example language, currency, basket contents during on-line purchases) to enable use of services provided and/or improve them. In most cases these cookies last maximum 365 days.

All technical cookies do not require consent; they are installed automatically on entering the website and are not used for other purposes.

Analytic cookies (Analytics) are used to collect information on use of the website. Data is only collected for anonymous statistical analysis purposes to improve website navigation and make contents pertinent to user requests. These cookies collect data anonymously, on user activities and on how they reached the website pages. Analytic cookies are sent by both our website and by third party domains.

Services and cookies supplied by Third Parties

For services supplied by third parties, you may exercise your right and object to being tracked through the third party’s privacy policy, through the opt out link if specifically supplied or by contacting the website directly.

With no prejudice to what was said above, the Controller would like to inform you that you may avail yourself of Your Online Choices. Through that service you can manage the tracking preferences of most advertising tools. The Controller recommends you use that resource in addition to the information provided in this document.

Seeing that the installation of Cookies and other tracking systems by third parties through services used in this Website cannot technically be controlled by the Controller, any specific reference to Cookies and tracking systems installed by third parties should be considered indicative. For full information, please consult the privacy policy of any third party services.

Considering the objective complexity of identifying technologies based on Cookies and their close integration with website operations, you are kindly invited to contact the Controller if you want any more clarification on the use of the Cookies themselves and there possible uses – for example by third parties – through this website.

Profiling cookies

“Targeting” or “profiling” cookies create profiles; they are used to present the most suitable contents for the user and his/her interests. They can be used to display targeted adverts, to publish personalised ads based on the user’s interests or to limit the number of times the user sees an advert. They also help measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns on Websites;

“Sharing” cookies (or of social networks) are needed to enable a user to interact with Websites through its social account and are needed, for example, to express appreciation and share it with social contacts.

All cookies other than the technical ones indicated above are only installed or activated with user consent the first time he/she visits the website. Consent can be general, interacting with the short information banner present on the website landing page, through methods indicated in that banner (closing the banner, or clicking on CONTINUE, or scrolling the page or clicking on any element); or can be given selectively, as indicated below. A track of that consent is kept for the next visits. However, the user may always revoke consent given in full or just partially.

We do not use profiling cookies on the website.

For more information you may contact the process Controller:

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