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Assets and Equipment for the new 48’’ Pipeline

Customer: n/a Period: 2019
1.007 m²
376,4 tons
Hamriyah - UAE
Razanjj Yard - Serbia
africa, europe
Oil & Gas
Multimodal Logistics

Transportation services from EXWL Hamriyah, UAE, to DDP Razanjj Yard, Serbia (including temporary import Customs operation) of Assets and Equipment for the New 48’’ Pipeline. The transportation contract was awarded to Baggio at the end of June and was needed at destination not later than July 25th. The assets were safely delivered to final destination accordingly.

Equipment deployed to complete project:
No. 9 low-beds for OW/OS and rolling cargoes both at origin and destination;
No. 9 standard flat-bed trailers both at origin and destination;
No. 1 chartered vessel;
No. 1 dedicated Barge.

Baggio SpA activity included:
- Provision of suitable trailers from the movement from yard to POL; for rolling cargoes trailers with ramps to be provided.
- Provision of material and manpower for lashing and securing items on trailers after loading completion;
- Discharging from trailers, port handling, loading, stowing, lashing, securing and dunnage at on-loading port Hamriyah,UAE;
- Any welding and grinding activities and relevant work permits, hot work permits included, at loading and discharging ports;
- Any additional equipment (i.e. slings, shackles, spreaders bars) to be utilized for loading/unloading operations;
- Seafreight from port of loading to port of discharge, Constanta, Romania;
- Unlashing, Unsecuring, Unstowing, discharging at receiving port;
- Issuing of Transit documents; re-loading on suitable barge;
- Barging from Contanta port, RO, to Smederevo River port, Serbia;
- Temporary Import Customs Clearance in Serbia;
- Loading on trailers and door delivery to destination yards, Razanji and Jagodina.

The vessel was chartered at very short notice, it was on direct voyage from UAE to Romania; the barge was hired to sail on 24h-basis in order to reach the final destination sonnest; the cargo import clearance was super smooth and the trailers were loaded and sent to destination at once in order to meet Client’s requirements and expectations.

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