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Equipment for the TAP Project

Customer: Trans-Adriatic Pipeline Project Period: 2020
abt 100 cbm
n. 1 pig trap dims 1673 x 204 x 215 cm - mt. 19.7 n. 1 tee module dims 830 x 360 x 215 - mt. 12 plus accessories
France, Glos sur Risle
Fier TAP site, Albania
Oil & Gas
Multimodal Logistics

Transportation services from EXWL Glos sur Risle, France, to DAP Fier, Albania for the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline Project. The transportation contract was awarded to Baggio during 2019, but the availability of items was delayed for months. Once received the green light from Client we immediately took all necessary actions to ensure timely delivery at destination. The cargo was originally planned for shipment via ROAD to Trieste, RO/RO vessel from Trieste to Durres port, door delivery via ROAD; once in Trieste the RO/RO vessels were cancelled due to COVID19 related issues. We first tried to get new permits and reach Ancona port, where RO/RO services were still active, once learnt that also Ancona was being cancelled, Client asked us for a back up plan, within 3 days a small conventional vessel was positioned at Trieste port, in order to overcome the issues and keep up with our obligation towards Client.

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