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Hydrogen Generation Unit for COMPERJ Refinery

Customer: Toyo Setal (EPC) Period: 2015-16
Over 10.000 m³
Over 100 MTon
Shanghai and Mumbai
Rio de Janeiro
asia, america
Oil & Gas, Civil and Port Infrastructure
Multimodal Logistics, Special Projects

COMPERJ is the largest refinery ever built by Petrobras and one of the biggest in the world. When concluded, the facility will be able to process 165.000 barrels per day.

Our customer was awarded with one fraction of it: the Hydrogen Generation Unit.

Baggio was entrusted with the oversized and heavy lift shipments of it, having chartered multiple multipurpose vessels from India and China to Brazil.

All shipments were performed in accordance to the customer's high quality demands, what enabled us to win consecutive transportation bids.

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