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Metro Honolulu

Customer: Ansaldo Breda - Hitachi Period: 2015 – Ongoing
abt 39000 m³
abt 3520 Tons
Reggio Calabria, IT
Pittsburgh, CA
Urban Mobility
Multimodal Logistics

STEP 1: Transport of n. 80 Metro car-shells for the new Honolulu Metro from Hitachi Rail production plant in Reggio Calabria, Italy to DDP Hitachi Rail plant in Pittsburg, CA, USA for assembly. Services include the engineering and production of suitable transport beams to allow safe and sound transportation and handling of car-shells.

STEP 2: Transport of n. 80 fully assembled metro rail-cars on bogies by suitable railtrailer from Hitachi Rail production plant in Pittsburg, CA, USA to Honolulu port by RO/RO vessel for discharging from trailer on rail via ramp at Metro site.

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