Newwave Media srl


Metro Taipei, TW

Customer: Hitachi Rail Italy Period: 2016
1350 m³
8x 36 Tons Metro Cars
Taipei, TW
europe, asia
Urban Mobility
Multimodal Logistics

Multimodal Transport by Road and Sea-freight of Complete Metro Trains loaded by
Ramps from rail tracks onto our Special Rail-Trailer.

Cargo: 02 Complete Metro Trains (each consisting in 4 cars on bogies)
Dimensions: Meters 17.55 (L) x 2.65 (W) x 3,60 (H) @ 36 MTons ea. car

Pickup Point: EXW on rail track at Hitachi Rail Italy Production Yard Reggio Calabria
Port of Loading: Savona Port
Port of Discharge: Taipei, TW
Delivery Point: DDP Circular Line Metro site, New Taipei City, Taipei, TW

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