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Module + Dearator Tower – Coastal Shipment in China

Customer: QGI Brasil S.A. (end-customer Petrobras) Period: 2016
1 Module + 1 Tower
520 Ton + 72 Ton
COSCO Dalian Shipyard
Oil & Gas, Shipbuilding
Special Projects

After a contractual failure of a competitor, Baggio has been addressed to ship these 2 important cargoes in a matter of 1 week, from initial contact to load-out onto a self-propelled barge.

The main challenge of this project was the short time available to find a suitable vessel, get it duly certified and approved by customer's Marine Warranty Surveyor, procure the necessary grillage, install it on the barge and be 100% ready for the commencement of the RORO Load-Out Operation.

Thanks to thorough communication between Baggio and their Chinese partners, this complex project came together in absolutely record time.

The cabotage was executed on a Chinese Flagged tonnage, in accordance to all rules and regulations.

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