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Multimodal freight forwarding services from Serbia to UAE

Customer: Saipem SpA Period: July/August 2020
Hamriyah, UAE
europe, asia
Oil & Gas
Multimodal Logistics

Multimodal freight forwarding services for the demobilization of assets used for the Gazprom South Stream Lite Pipeline constructions from EXWL 3 different pick up locations in Serbia to DDP Hamriyah base, UAE

EXWL: Velika Plana, Razanj
, Markovac
River Port: Pancevo
Port of loading: Constanta
Port of discharge: Hamriyah, UAE
DDP: Hanriyah Base, UAE

113 special trailers
6 river barges
1 ocean vessel

The cargo was collected at 3 different locations in Serbia during JUL/AUG 2020, and carried to the river port of Pancevo. Once all assets were consolidated we carried out customs clearance services and loaded all assets onto 6x river barges to move the cargo from Serbia to the transhipment port of Constanta, Romania.
All cargo was delivered within Sep 22nd, transit formalities were carried out and cargo loaded onto the ocean going vessel to reach Hamriyah port, UAE, in 20 days. Upon arrival our UAE office took care of import formalities to re-introduce all assets into the UAE and delivered to final destination within agreed time.

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