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Offshore Transportation of 6 Oversized Reels for Zohr Project

Customer: Saipem Period: 2017
6 x 200 Ton Reels
200 Ton
Moss, Norway
Offshore Point in Egypt (Alongside FDS2 Installation Vessel)
europe, africa
Oil & Gas
Special Projects, Offshore

Zohr Gas field is located within 3.752 m² Shorouk Block, within the Egyptian Exclusive Economic Zone, in the Mediterranean Sea. The field is situated more than 100km from the coast.

Baggio's job consisted in loading the 6 oversized reels in Norway and transporting them to a specific offshore location, alongside our Customer's installation vessel (Saipem FDS).

Our cargo ship waited for 30 days offshore and thereafter the empty reels were offloaded to her - for redelivery at the loading port (Moss, Norway).

This job combined our Forwarding and Offshore capabilities.

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