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Spacebus Neo Project

Customer: N/A Period: 2019
14 m
23 tons
Civitavecchia - Italy
Cannes - France
Urban Mobility
Special Projects

Baggio succesfully completed the delivery of a skid carrying the ‘Spacebus Neo’ Satellites from the port of Civitavecchia, Italy to the port of Cannes, France. The item was moved to on-loading port Civitavecchia by means of a special trailer, loaded onto a barge by means of a reachstacker. Once stowed on barge the item was lashed and secured in order to ensure a safe journey to final destination.

Due to the specifications and the value of the cargo to transfer, Baggio Team opted for the use of a barge that allowed a sound delivery to Cannes port, the closest port to the final destination of the Satellites.

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