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Most commodities are raw materials, basic resources or agricultural products. This means they are low added value goods which require highly competitive freight costs.

In this sector is not about a managing a multimodal logistics chain or handling a complex cargo. It’s about having a wide network of shipping suppliers and being respected by them as a trustworthy channel to trade cargoes.

Baggio benefits from decades of qualified conduct in the sector and adds value to our customers through it.

Find out our reference portfolio and company presentation.


8 Topside Modules Weighing from 800 to 1.800 Tons – P75 & P77 FPSO’s

Baggio has been awarded by a Brazilian EPC to tran...
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Module + Dearator Tower – Coastal Shipment in China

After a contractual failure of a competitor, Baggi...
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europe, africa

Offshore Transportation of 6 Oversized Reels for Zohr Project

Zohr Gas field is located within 3.752 m² Shorouk...
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Belo Monte Hydroelectrical Power Plant – Electromechanic Components

Baggio has been awarded for the transportation of ...
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