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Power Generation and Transmission

We manage and operate the transport of various types of power generating equipment, from single units (diesel engines, generators, turbines, and related equipment) up to complete plants incorporating all accessories to be shipped to the final destination, including on site installation, with a wide range of shipment sizes and weights.

Most of the times, power plants are located in remote places of difficult access. We’re at the disposal of our customers since their need of a Route Feasibility Survey – even if they’re yet bidding for a project.

The notion of partnership on the most embryonic stages of the business allows us to harvest good results when the projects become firm, given our deep understanding of the specific challenges of each unique job.

Baggio offers integrated logistics solutions for some of the main players in the global market of Power Generation and Transmission through a wide range of specifically-designed services.

Find out our reference portfolio and company presentation.


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