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Special Projects

When it comes to oversized loads, competitiveness is not the only driver.

Attention to details and on-site coordination plays a defining role on the perception of the customer.

With in-house engineers and also having subcontracted the most qualified naval engineering firms, we are able to tackle any maritime challenge.

Our highly-engaged personnel ensure the best technical standards are always
followed at the field.

Thanks to our expertise we have been involved in some large-scale logistics projects in the markets of Oil & Gas, Urban Mobility, Civil & Port Infrasructures, Power Generation and Renewable Energy.


8 Topside Modules Weighing from 800 to 1.800 Tons – P75 & P77 FPSO’s

Baggio has been awarded by a Brazilian EPC to tran...
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Module + Dearator Tower – Coastal Shipment in China

After a contractual failure of a competitor, Baggi...
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europe, africa

Offshore Transportation of 6 Oversized Reels for Zohr Project

Zohr Gas field is located within 3.752 m² Shorouk...
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asia, america

Belo Monte Hydroelectrical Power Plant – Electromechanic Components

Baggio has been awarded for the transportation of ...
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